Non-profit affiliate

As will be guided by the policies of the founding institutions, Photo: Waterfall in Oregon.GIBEX at the appropriate time in the future will propose the registeration of a non-profit affiliated company, GIBEX, Inc., to bring substantial additional resources to the Institute and founding institutions. Initially, the GIBEX Managing Director will coordinate the activities of GIBEX, Inc. This non-profit affiliate will carry out the following activities to be led partially by faculty and GIBEX members:

  • Continuous education courses related to GIBEX activities.
  • Study abroad programs for students.
  • Training seminars and workshops.
  • Biodiversity publishing house.
  • Seminars and lectures for the general public.
  • Worldwide eco- and nature-tours led by the Institute's faculty and members
  • Worldwide nature photography and nature observation activities.
  • Creation of the GIBEX biodiversity foundation funded by industrial and private donations.
  • Film and Video.
  • Radio and Television.
  • Mail order Eco-Boutique for sale of consumer products, e.g., art, posters, calendars, clothing, crafts, maps, science education materials, etc.