GIBEX is a soft wall, international, multi-institutional organization with headquarters located at the Biotechnology Center for Agriculture and the Environment, Cook College of Rutgers University. University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign is a major US-based partner involved in the operations of GIBEX. GIBEX is enlisting other key Universities and biodiversity research-oriented organizations to become GIBEX-member organizations. Creation of a functional international network of biodiversity researchers and educators is a primary organizational goal of GIBEX.

GIBEX is governed by a Global Board of Directors and its Chairman. The Board will nominate a full-time Managing Director responsible for all activities of the Institute. The Managing Director will serve as a Chief Administrator of the Institute and will receive a salary from the Institute. The Managing Director will be responsible for the non-profit company (GIBEX, Inc.) affiliated with the Institute (see below) and will coordinate and preside over the activities of the industrial affiliates. Currently GIBEX is in the process of engaging a global Board of Directors and has appointed a Consulting Managing Director.

The Institute Academic Director is a faculty member of Rutgers University, with experience in biodiversity, bio-exploration and natural product research. The Academic Director will be responsible for the research and educational activities of the Institute. A faculty member from University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) is Associate Academic Director of GIBEX.