About Us

GIBEX creates a dynamic international consortium in the area of human health, biodiversity research, exploration and sustainable nature utilization, and scientific and economic development. It promotes, coordinates, synergizes and funds the research and educational biodiversity-related activities throughout the world. The GIBEX mission is to enhance the health of the planet through ethical and sustainable exploration, utilization and protection of its biodiversity. GIBEX major activities are to:

  • Conduct innovative, worldwide, multidisciplinary and multi-institutional bio-discovery research based on the principles of the reverse flow.
  • Raise funds from granting agencies, foundations, commercial organizations and other national and international donors.
  • Provide synergy for the existing biodiversity /bio-exploration activities and for catalyzing the emergence of new activities.
  • Encourage research and educational organizations worldwide to become contributing members of GIBEX.
  • Recruit new faculty, members and affiliates of GIBEX.
  • Organize conferences, workshops, lectures and public events that relate to the mission of the Institute.
  • Teach undergraduate and graduate classroom and field trip courses related to GIBEX activities.
  • Provide worldwide training in biodiversity, bio-exploration and conservation ecology using the reverse flow approach.
  • Establish an industrial affiliate program that will bring commercialization expertise and additional resources for GIBEX.
  • Create a non-profit company that will bring additional financial resources to GIBEX by promoting biodiversity education, ecotourism, and specialized publications, programs and activities.
  • Recruit and maintain an Advisory Board consisting of the key international biodiversity experts.
  • Assure strict adherence to all international and national treaties and regulations and promote ethical and sustainable treatment of biodiversity.